17 junho 2005

Hello Dave?

Puta meu, você viu a cara do Michael sem maquiagem? Que coisa chocante...


Anonymous caróu said...

eu imagino que deve ser algo muito pior do que isso.

17/06/2005 12:50  
Blogger Rubs Troll said...

Q:what's the difference between Michael Jackson and Neil Armstrong?

A:One man was the first to walk on the moon, (start your moonwalk now....) the other farks little boys!

drum roll, high hat, rimshot!

hi--yooooooo, Johnny!

17/06/2005 15:39  
Blogger Rubs Troll said...

What's the hardest stain to get out of little boy's underpants?
MJ's make-up.

17/06/2005 15:47  

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